Products and Services


With a physical warehouse location in Delano, California, Hydratec stocks an inventory of close to a million dollars in irrigation system parts and materials. Because of the volume of business done out of this location, we have developed strong ties with a wide variety of vendors that can provide materials for our customers quickly and efficiently. Our store manager keeps our warehouse shelves stocked with the parts our customers need on a regular basis and special orders are only a day or two away.


Hydratec's engineering department supplies the best engineers in the business. Quality designs prepared from the most sophisticated computer software in the field are the normal course for plans prepared by the Hydratec irrigation design engineers. On-site visits to the fields, precise measurements, plant spacing and the customer's design theories are just the beginning of the process. With Hydratec's engineering and sales team, the best combination of expert high tech advice and field practicality come together to produce the best system for you.


The service department at Hydratec is committed to getting problems resolved in the quickest manner possible. We are aware that a necessary repair can very quickly effect crop quality and we are prepared to expediently get someone in the field with the proper parts and expertise to get the system working again. Our staff includes an electrician and mechanical system expert as well as professionals experienced with all types of leaks, valve repairs, and controller problems. Various types of maintenance arrangements can be made as well.

Material Packages

Large contract material orders are arranged by inside sales people with expertise in preparing the list of materials you will need for your system installation. Streamlined quotes and ordering can also be done with your own prepared material list. If you need includes design work, see our design section also.


When a customer decides to have Hydratec supervise the actual installation of a system they get a tailor-made plan. Our sales representative will compile a plan based on the location and make-up of the system. Hydratec's on-staff construction team consists of employees with years of experience supervising crews in the proper installation of irrigation systems. We also have, at our disposal, teams of subcontract crews that backup our staff to build reservoirs and filter stations, help lay below ground pipe or tape and string above ground hoses and emitters. Our construction foremen very carefully test each system on completion and, of course, all Hydratec work carries our company warranty.